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The translation of Suzuka Nakamoto(Su-Metal)'s last blog as a student of Sakura Gakuin

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The translation of Suzuka Nakamoto(Su-Metal)'s last blog as a student of Sakura Gakuin

Reading Suzuka nakamoto's diary


Hi, guys. You’re reading an article of ARKADIA! I’m Yamato-Metal desu. I'm Japanese and a BABYMETAL fan. I wanna become a Japanese-English translator someday, but my English must still be imperfect (It's indeed one of Japanese platitudes, though). However, so what? I have lots of things I should tell you guys.

So, you, the one who wants to know about the true Su-Metal have to touch her diary with her natural voice, which has become precious heritage now (unfortunately). So I'll translate them for you. that'll also be my study.
Let us begin.

The last blog (handwritten)



With full of my gratitude

さあ いよいよ卒業の朝を迎えました☀️

Ok, the morning of my graduation day has come at last. Now Su's* heart strangely peaceful. I'll definitely show the best performance with all my gratitude to Sakura Gakuin, which has raised me for three years, and every Fukei**-san!!!

*Japanese teen girls often call themselves by their own first name instead of Watashi(わたし), which means “I”. Sometimes women at their late 20's also do that. That's strange.


What I promised Mikiko-sensei*** when I was in fifth grade in elementary is “Not to cry on any stage” because stages are the place where I should show my best performance. I would like to show you our songs and dances with gratitude, and I would like to make the show satisfactory.

***a teacher


The members of Sakura Gakuin and teachers and Fukei-sans have supported me up until today. I don't want them to forget Su, who always give it my very best. I'm concerning there are people will not be able to come to the show, but the show will come to you later****. Please wait for the day.

****She mentioned the concert DVD.


And in the end, I'll show you my charm that has always been on my side. Thank you for watching over me gently.
Suzuka Nakamoto

Look how sacred she is.

Look at the picture!!!

And just think for a moment. I know what she felt whenever she looked into it. Yes, the three girls in the pic are Su's Senpai (senior) who are one year older than Su.
And after they graduated, Su was to be the only third year student (9th grade) and of course to be the leader of Sakura Gakuin. I can imagine how much pressure and loneliness she had to fight with (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)
I couldn't stop crying (;´༎ຶ Д ༎ຶ`)

What I felt while I was translating Su's diary into English is “Oh, wait, how pure and sacred is she?”.
I'm japanese and I'm a Buddhist (There are not many people believe in a religion in Japan though). And I felt similar sacred feelings as when I read a Buddhism Sutra.
By the way, I'm gonna translate Su, Moa, and Yui's diaries bit by bit and also prepare other articles.
Thank you for reading!
See you.

-Sakura Gakuin diaries translations

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